About us

Based out of Cape Town , Hilnor Hannibal is a full-service event planner that has successfully grown her brand.

Today, Hilnor and her amazing team are innovators and trendsetters best known for their creative ideas, unexpected décor accents and exquisite attention to every last detail. No matter the number of guests, they pays specific attention to every detail ,creating a Fabulous Finish every time.

HH Life Events passion for party planning and creating wonderful celebrations drives every aspect of there business, from there unique ability to build upon your creative vision through innovative event concepts, to producing galas that create positive energy and a unique connection between you and your guests. They listen carefully to identify your goals and craft an event that always exceeds your expectations. They believe that events are stories waiting to be told, and like master storytellers, they create experiences that allow your story to unfold in unexpected and memorable ways.
HH LIFE EVENTS takes pride in making every bridal client a “VIP bride-to-be!” HH LIFE EVENTS planning and coordination services will help you (bride, groom, and family) keep on track, within budget, and headache-free. There staff will be on the scene to make sure your guests enjoy their ceremony and reception experience.